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Retro Villa støtter Børnefonden

Retro Villa støtter Forældre og Fødsel


Frequently asked questions about articles and reports on home styling.

Are we required to be home and participate in the photos?

Yes please! If possible, we prefer to have the entire family on site as it brings life to the pictures taken. Reports on home styling are about YOU and the life you lead in your home. We woul also like to feature you personally. If possible, wearing colourful clothing would be advised.


Which magazine will feature the photos and when?

Photographer Tia Borgsmidt and I will find Denmark's most fabulous homes through our extensive network, Facebook, friends who recomend others to us and people who contact us directly. We always work freelance and sell the articles after they have been completed. We deliver to Boligliv, Bolig Magasinet, Bolig Plus, Bo Bedre, ALT for damerne and other international magazines. It takes a while before an article is published and a christmas feature will publish the following christmas at the earliest. We will however do our very best to sell an article as quickly as possible, it being in Denmark, Norway, Sweden or the rest of the world.


How much time  does the photoshoot require?

We will be photographing 2-4 hours depending on the size of your home, details, garden etc. We want approx. 30 pictures. The interview is made by Mette Kirstine Brinch as the photoshoot is taking place or aferwards over the phone. We will send you the pictures via mail. Once the interview has finished and the text is done Mette Kirstine will send it for you to read, correct and approve of before it goes to print.


Does the entire house have to be perfect, freshly painted and polished?

No, we do not want you to stress! Nobody ever finishes decorating completely and there is always something that can be changed. If possible we would like to photograph the entire house but naturally we focus on the most cosy and interesting rooms. If something does not photograph well we will leave it out. We expect you to tidy up the house and have it looking at it's best but please do not stress! As a stylist Mette Helena will help you bring out the best in your home and we do not notice dirty windows, tiny holes in your walls or a litle dust. Everything can be edited and everything looks better in pictures.

We might move your furniture around or remove your water kettle from the kitchen table if it does not look great in the photos etc. We might even open your cupboards to find an old vase that we think is fantastic and put it in on your sofa table.



Do you put things in the photos that are not my own?

Yes, sometimes we feature the latest vase by Kæhler, a beautiful bedspread on a plain bed, a nice piece of soap for the bathroom or great cushions by Grønlykke. They bring your home up to date and make it look even more beautiful. But only at your approval of course!


What do I need to prepare in time for your visit?

If we visit during the summer it would look fantastic with a bowl of strawberries and a pitcher of lemonade on the garden table or flowers in a beautiful vase. To be on the safe side we also bring flowers.



Can I have the photos?

Once we have finished photographing Tia will upload the photos to her Mac and select the best pictures. Once they have been picked you will get the chance to choose the photos of you that look best. We will send you the edited pictures in a We Transfer for private use only. Please do not publish the photos onto blogs, websites, ect ect, until after the article has been printed and published.


Will you give home styling advice?

Yes, of course! Ask us about our ideas and opinions about your home. We will help you if we can!

I still have a lot of questions.  Can I call or e-mail?

Yes of course! Call Mette Helena on + 45 22154058

or mail Mettehelena@retrovilla.dk

Ps! It is pretty cool to have your home featured in an article and view it through the lens of a professional camera - and then to see it on glossy paper in a design magazine!

Boligreportager af Mette Helena og Tia Borgsmidt.

Bolig Magasinet Styling Mette Helena Rasmussen. Photo Tia Borgsmidt.



Boligreportager af Mette Helena og Tia Borgsmidt.

Bolig Magasinet Styling Mette Helena Rasmussen. Photo Tia Borgsmidt.


Boligreportager af Mette Helena og Tia Borgsmidt.

Bolig Magasinet Styling Mette Helena Rasmussen. Photo Tia Borgsmidt.