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Mette Helena Rasmussen was supposed to buy only one single roll of vintage wallpaper as a souvenir from her weekend trip to England. However this roll of wallpaper was the beginning of something much bigger!

"On my vacations I often go shopping for vintage wallpapers and if I am lucky enough to find some beautiful ones I take them home as souvenirs. In 2009 I visited England with a friend, and with a little help from Google I had discovered a small shop far outside London with 30 different wallpapers on the website. I spent half a day travel by train in order to reach an Indian neighborhood where the store was located.  It looked like a hopeless hardware store, which sold nasty toilets, vacuum cleaners - and this stunning purple vintage wallpaper, I just had to own!


A treasure trove of vintage wallpapers

When I came into the store to look at the purple wallpaper, the ironmonger asked me, why not to browse through the entire selection. He then slammed seven giant books on the disk revealing thousands of vintage wallpapers. I have never seen anything like that. In the basement of this tacky shop was a treasure trove filled with old original vintage wallpapers in beautiful colors and the coolest designs - in super condition. Before leaving the store I ended up buying 60 rolls of wallpaper and I had them sent home to Denmark.


Scandinavia's largest selection of retro wallpaper

Although I went home with my 60 rolls of wallpaper, an amount I could never use in my 50m2 apartment, I could not get all the other wallpaper from the Indian hardware store out of my head. All that beautiful wallpaper could not simply lie in the basement to no use. And then I took a crazy decision.  


I had to rescue it!

I traveled back to England and bought the rest. Thousands of rolls of wallpaper. The ironmonger was shocked. In the last 40-50 years, he failed to sell even one roll, and he did not understand* why I wanted these old wallpapers. After the spontaneous purchase of these wallpapers I must admit that I was a bit frightened by myself.  I did not have the slightest idea of what to do with it so I was asking myself the question: ''what is going to happen now?'' Besides that I felt good knowing that I had rescued the wallpapers from storage in the basement of the Indian hardware store.

Back in Denmark I started off by selling it in the store Liebe in one month and then traded it on Retrovilla.dk. The demand was so high that in October 2010 I opened a store in central Copenhagen - Retro Villa, which nowadays has Scandinavia's largest selection of original retro wallpapers. "

 Mette Helena Rasmussen, Founder of Retro Villa.


Retro Villa wallpaper Foto Tia Borgsmidt.

Retro Villa vintage wallpaper

Retro Villa wallpaper Foto Tia Borgsmidt.


      Mette Helena Rasmussen

Mette Helena Rasmussen Foto Tia Borgsmidt.